Why people like one wheel skateboard?

Looking at anyone cruising and carving the streets on a one-wheeled skateboard and you’ll first wonder how the heck they can stay on the thing. Then, you’ll most likely notice the huge grin they have on their face. What initially looks like a difficult ride, is in reality–fun. When you learn that the smart, self-balancing sensors are what help keep people up and gliding, you begin to understand just what it is that brings people to these rides.

As you read through the products, keep in mind that no matter how difficult they appear, the learning curve for these rides is actually very low, with some learning the basics in under a few minutes. Simply start with your back foot by placing it on the rear pad. Next, take your front foot on the sensing pads. it’s these sensing pads that will cue the motor to engage. To move forward, simply lean forward. To slow, just move backward!

Whether you’re looking for a method of commuting in the urban jungle, or just want to spend some valuable cruising time on your own, then these one-wheeled wonders are definitely something which requires your attention. They are durable, long-lasting, low maintenance, eco-friendly and pack a punch when it comes to just having an old-fashioned, good time.

Fearless Of Mud And Rain - IP 65 water resistant

Post time: Nov-16-2021