Why MAGWheel is worth having

First, it can be our means of transportation. It only needs a little force to run smoothly, or even effortlessly, saving the fatigue of walking and a lot of time. The T3 model I play can reach a maximum speed of 35km/h. It's really great for short trips in daily life, such as when we go out to pick up the delivery, when we go shopping at a nearby store... I even ride it on my way to class, which is good news for lazy people like me. In addition, it can climb hills with an Angle of 45 degrees, which is so cool that it can be ridden easily on normal road conditions.


Second, of course, to consider its security, MAGWheel security is guaranteed. Even though it can reach high speeds, for safety's sake, if it overspeeds, it will sound an alarm and let us know we need to slow down in time. It also has smart LED light strips that make it safer for us to ride at night. The T3 has shock absorbers that protect knees and ankles when riding. This balance car has a patent, and the same product currently only two companies have patents, quality has layers of checks, you can rest assured to buy and use.


Third, it's really simple and easy to learn. In less than an afternoon, I was able to ride flexibly on the road. If you have experience in skateboarding, skiing or surfing, it's a piece of cake. I was a little scared at first, so I asked my friend to help me slide. After a few rounds, I gradually relaxed, easy to get the hang of, can slide alone without leaning. With more practice, it won't take long to get the hang of it! So I bought it and decided to teach my family how to ride it, too, to make the most of it. Oh, and it has a wide range of ages, from 16 to 45.


Fourthly, I take it as an outdoor activity to relax myself. Recently I started my internship. Sitting in an office all day, riding it home after work is a really nice experience, stretching and relaxing. On weekends, the T3's maximum range can reach 35km, enough to experience the thrill of city surfing. When the group is built, we call good friends to go to the suburbs to slide together. Its pattern tires are made for off-road and close to nature. This feeling is really wonderful.


Fifth, I like its shape very much. It is said that its design inspiration is also from the surfboard, does feel some similar, just look at the appearance of it feels very cool, no wonder it will be loved by many fashion people. I've seen a lot of pretty guys and girls riding it on YouTube and Facebook. I jumped on the bandwagon and couldn't wait to post a photo of myself with MAGWheel! My friends were filled with curiosity.


Sixth, it is relatively small in size, and it has a handle for us to carry easily. Usually, we often encounter the embarrassment of not finding a parking space, but it saves me from this worry, because it can be placed anywhere. We can go as soon as we want, and we can stay as soon as we want, without feeling burdened.


Seventh, it gradually integrated into my life and became an indispensable exercise every day. After dinner, go to the park nearby to ride a few laps, which is equivalent to taking a walk after dinner. At the same time, it can exercise the balance and nerve reflex ability, so that the shoulder, spine, legs, limbs, feet and wrists can get a comprehensive exercise, and enhance the flexibility and skill of the body. In addition, I learned that the balance car is known as "puzzle movement" in the medical field. Through the whole body muscle movement, the body is in an active and relaxed state, which promotes the development of cerebellum, thus promoting the brain development and improving intelligence.


Eighth, I think it is good for our body shape to keep riding balance bikes. Standing riding, our body will be straight, a long time, we will consciously straight, get rid of the bad hump, so that the body form more beautiful. You'll feel more confident as you stand tall.


Ninth, the balance car itself is a very interesting invention. It makes me curious about new things, more adventurous and enthusiastic about life. It symbolizes the attitude of green travel and healthy living.


Tenth, THE after-sales service of MAGWheel also makes me feel relieved. It can even allow customers to maintain by themselves. Merchants will provide all accessories and maintenance videos. Its accessories are relatively easy to obtain, low price and strong compatibility, there is no difficulty. Besides, the quality of the product itself is excellent, so there is no need to worry about what will go wrong.

Post time: May-17-2022