What makes the one wheel different from a 2 wheel hoverboard?

It seems to me that the One wheel skateboard is widely accepted as an adult PEV or adult toy, but the hover boards are relegated to kids and used as a "toy" I have a number of PEVs and I genuinely enjoy every one of them, including the 2 hoverboards I have. Every one is unique in their own way and the advantages and disadvantages are pretty clear. The hover boards are more of a relaxed, around the house ride, the one wheel is more of an extreme, thrilling longer range ride in comparison, my scooters are more comfortable and easier to hop on and go a long distance (30+ miles) and bikes have been used for as long as I can remember so the E bike kind of fits in well with other bicyclists and has its purpose of probably the most practical, well rounded PEV

Sideways stance that resembles snowboarding or skateboarding. Already "cool" boardsports that had their own history of resistance and rebelliousness but now commonly accepted as a form of sport.

The MAGWheel is just way more practical and unique. The big tire in the center allows for a vast amount terrain you can travel on, as well as the speed and torque makes it much more powerful than a "toy" hoverboard. You can actually commute on a onewheel downtown, through trails, bike lanes.

People hate to hear this, but the price keeps the one wheel skateboards relevant as well. Its not something every tiktok kid can just buy on a whim and make videos about. Hoverboards gained that douchey pretentious vibe by idiots buying them for cheap and doing stupid stuff on them. The one wheel skateboard has more respect than that due to the steep initial price that keeps most of the troublesome people away

Hoverboards normally aren't very powerful or go very fast or very far hence being used by children. Plus you can't really do much with them you can't really carve with them you can't go at any speed you can't take them off-road and you definitely aren't going off any jumps or anything with them.

Post time: Sep-10-2021