Trotter MAGWheel – a fun one wheel machine you need to experience

The world is experiencing a major micro mobility revolution in the way to get around.

Now, due to the rapid development of battery and sensing technology, we can see more and more new mobility appear and quickly evolve: electric skateboards, electric scooters, electric unicycles, electric hoverboard. Among them the emergence of MAGWheel (an innovative self-balance land surfing skateboard which has one big wheel in the middle) really does stand out.

Riding a MAGWheel one wheel skateboard is a magical experience. The machine is equipped with sensors and has self balancing function. Its working principle is a little similar to Segway, but its shape is very different. The design is really simple, just place a large wheel in middle of a board. The motor is place inside of the hub, so it moves all by this one wheel. It seems simple, but the technology is quite complex to make it works.

Your feet stand on the board, just like standing on a snowboard. When you get on the board, the sensor in the board will works. Just relax your body, the self-balance technology will makes the board balance when you get on it. Then you can go to the direction you want to go, lean forward go forward, lean back slow down. Apply pressure on toes or heels to turn, you can control the direction by your body. Although the first attempt may be shaky, but most riders can get the basic movements within 5 minutes.

If you feel it's out of control, you can simply jump off in time. Of course , helmet is necessary, for any kinds of skateboards, no helmet no respect. Thanks to the large tire, it can easily cross the irregular pavement, grass and puddles.

The speed of MAGWheel T1 is 20km/h, and top version T3 is 35km/h. Even at such a high speed, it is still smooth and quiet. During the riding, your body is free except feet, you can talk with your friends, you can pose and even take self-portraits. When your feet combined with the machine, you will find riding MAGWheel is more interesting than you think

Each MAGWheel has a handle, you can carry it easily on buses and stairs. There are many LED lights on both sides of the frame, when you go front, the front light is red, when you go back, the light turns write.

One of the selling point of the MAGWheel is the price, the prices of most one wheels in the world are almost $2000, nearly three times that of T1, and twice of T3. It is a lot less than most ebikes and other one wheels. But the really important thing is riding experience, MAGWheel makes you feel younger and better.

Post time: Jul-29-2021