Today is a great time to buy MAGwheel

While e-bikes are the go-to for traversing the city in summer, using an one wheel e-scooter is a great option that hardly takes up much space.The MAGWheel T1 self-balancing electric scooter has a range of over 20 km and doesn't use a drop of gasoline or oil to run.

It's on sale right now on official online store for a 2022 low of $699, and today is a great time to buy it. In today's new green deals, we're also offering a variety of discounts on MAGWheel T2, MAGWheel T3, and other accessories, so you won't want to miss out either.

This one wheel electric scooter is designed to be "interesting but powerful" to help you get around town with ease.It offers a range of up to 25km and a top speed of 23km per hour, which means you can easily traverse the city without using a drop of gasoline or oil. This all comes from a powerful hub motors, which can even scale up to 35km/h when updated to 1000W.

Post time: Jul-05-2022