The best waterproof one wheel skateboard

Many people say that water is the natural enemy of skateboards. That is true, for a lithium-ion battery skateboard with a chassis of only 10 cm and wheels of only 10 inches or so, it's really difficult to be waterproof, and it's even more difficult to be waterproof in the harsh environment. As an outdoor sporting eqipment, one wheel skateboard must adapt to all kinds of roads and driving environments, what is the basic requests of the dustproof and waterproof level?

It is IP 65.

The IP rating is an international protection rating, which is used to qualify levels of dust- and water-sealing effectiveness. It is important to consider IP ratings if you are purchasing a one-wheel skateboard for dusty or wet environments.

The IP level is defined by the letter IP and two numbers. The first number, with a scale of 0 – 6, indicates the level of protection against solids (such as dirt, sand, dust and debris), while the second number (0 – 8) indicates the level of protection against liquids (such as moisture and water). The higher the number is, the greater the protection for solids and liquids.

In the case of IP65, the first number indicates that the IP rating is six (6), which means that the equipment is solid sealed and no dust enters. Therefore, the device is suitable for use in places with a large amount of dust, dirt or debris and other moving objects.

The second number has an IP rating of 5, which means it can gives protection against low-pressure water jets from any direction, as well as condensation and water spray. Therefore, this means that IP65 is not waterproof and it is not suitable to be submerged. Therefore, this means that IP65 is not recommended to swim or shower with it, otherwise, water will leak and eventually damage the equipment, which is not guaranteed for water damage.

The waterproof level of a single wheel skateboard mainly depends on the waterproof design of motor, battery and main board. The motor of MAGWheel is integrated into the hub, and protected by the big tire. The battery is located inside of the frame, the design of the frame protect the battery from dust and water. The mainboard is the difficult point of waterproof, because a lot of chips integrated on it. All wire interfaces of MAGWheel are filled and sealed with insulating pouring glue to avoid water entering into the chip in case of accident.

Theoretically speaking, the waterproof of battery and motor are not superb technologies, but they need to pay higher manufacturing and maintenance costs. As far as we know, most brands of electric vehicles on the market have entry-level waterproof and dustproof ability, no problem with light rain or occasional ponding. MAGWheel is one of the best brands with good waterproof. It can be rided in rainstorm, but never throw it in sea or water. So, MAGWheel one wheel is water-resistant not waterproof.


Post time: Jul-13-2021