Shoes make a big difference for shredding

Hey everybody!

I’ve been here reading many posts and videos for about one year and three weeks ago or so I finally bought a Trotter MAGWheel, my first one wheel skateboard.

Since then I’ve rode about 200 miles on it till now and one thing I didn’t expect was how big a difference your shoes could make!

As we all know about back foot fatigue for beginners and I was prepared well for it as a noob. However, in the first few days, I rode about 1 hour each day. After a few days of vigorous exercise, I noticed my back foot wasn’t really that fatigued at all.

I’m an snowboarder and play that for many years. so I thought maybe those muscles were just built up or something and I was good. Finally turns out it was the shoes! 

The first week or so, I always wore the same shoes, these Puma Blaze to be exact.

After watching lots of tips and tutorial videos at youtube channel, I noticed one of my favorite YouTube MAGWheeler guys always wore NEW BALANCE. I said hey I have those same shoes I wonder if those will be better to ride in.

At the end of my first ride with the NB, oh guys, my back foot kills.But I didn’t put two and two together yet. Finally after a week riding with the NB with constant back foot fatigue I connected the dots. I put my Pumas shoes back on and poof fatigue went almost entirely away.

I’ve also tried a few other shoes but I haven’t found any other shoes to be as comfortable as my Pumas for riding.

And, I’ve also noticed this has nothing to do with how comfortable the shoes for walking. These Pumas shoes are absolutely not my favorite sneakers for walking but for whatever reason great for floating! 

So if you have foot fatigue, I recommend trying lots of different shoes to see if you have any luck there.

What about you all, have you found shoes make a big difference for you?


Post time: Sep-01-2021