Self-balance models of 2021& best electric one wheel

Looking at anyone cruising and carving the streets on a trotter magwheel electric one wheel and you’ll first wonder how the heck they can stay on the thing. Then, you’ll most likely notice the huge grin they have on their face. What initially looks like a difficult ride, is in reality–fun. When you learn that the smart, self-balancing sensors are what help keep people up and gliding, you begin to understand just what it is that brings people to these rides.

As you read through the four products we have listed below, keep in mind that no matter how difficult they appear, the learning curve for these rides is actually very low, with some learning the basics in under a few minutes.

Start by the two sensor under the footpad;When you foot touch the both side footpad, it willstart the motor and help you to keep the balance to horizontal. Then go forward or back by leaning.


1. Trotter magwheel T-3–Best of speed.

The Trotter magwheel T-3 is a beautiful example of perfect personal transport. If you’ve ever ridden a skateboard or snowboard, then you’ll be right at home on the Trotter magwheel T-3 In fact, it’s a great way to get some urban “snowboarding” in during the spring and summerseasons. With a 30-35km range and top speed of up to 35km per hour,.

2. Trotter magwheel T-2– Best Value For Money.

the quality and performance remain intact. You get a range of 35 to 40 miles, powered by its 1000 Watt motor, with a top speed of around 26km per hour.
Unlike the standard electric skateboard, the OneWheel Pint has no need for a remote control. Instead, all you do is lean forward to move forward, and lean back to slow and stop. As for stopping

3. Trotter magwheel T-1LH–Double range than the T-1

The longest distance about 45km which will take you to many places , such as beach, coffee shop , it will take a long journey for you. You will never worry about the battery and you could feel mentally and emotionally peace.

4. Trotter magwheel T-–friendly to the beginner

The magwheel T-1 48v 700w is most suitable for beginners , and it easier to learn and study. With 20km/h and range 18-25 km, you could ride it with your friends and families , share happiness with them and enjoy fun.


As a new electric one wheel product, we hope to not only spread green lifestyle and improve people's quality of life, but also bring people more convenience, more practical and eventually , it will become an attitude to life.

Post time: Jun-03-2019