MAGWheel’s T-1 is a new electric rideable for novice riders

From 2016, MAGWheel announced the T-1, a new single-wheeled electric rideable geared toward novice riders, urban commuters, and value-conscious buyers. As a short-distance commuter electric rideable, the T-1 has a top speed of 13 mph and a range of 11-15 miles.

It’s for people who take public transit, but live far enough from a train station or bus stop that is too far to walk to but too close for driving to be viable. Bicycling is the next best thing, but a bike is a lot to carry on public transit.

MAGWheel will offer a fender for protecting the rider against water splashes and debris, and even a handle to carry it with you. The MAGWheel will also come in multiple color options, including black, blue, red and orange.

The MAGWheel is available for shopping from $699 from select dealers in the US and overseas.

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Post time: Sep-28-2021