MAGWheel Tips For First Ride

MAGwheel is a revolutionary electric skateboard which provides a one of a kind riding experience for users around the world. Whether you're going to coffee shop or riding on park trails, MAGWheel is really an absolute joy to ride! MAGWheel is powered by a brush-less hub motor which has enough power to get you up hills or commute. The big tire provides an incredibly and smoothest riding experience, you can simply lean forward to accelerate and back to decelerate.

Today is the season for people getting their boards all around the world, and this blog is going to be the first step you should take after you take it out of the box.

I know first thing you may gonna do rip off all the packages, take the instruction manual, throw it out the window, and want to ride it immediately. But that is a wrong way.

The boards only come halfway charged, so what you should do is plug it in, and that's going to give you a little bit of time to read through the instruction manual, a lot of information in it.

Now that you've read your instruction manual, following are the three things that are going to set you up for success on your first ride.

First thing is safety gear. Always be wearing a helmet when you're riding, it's really important. And i'd recommend wrist guards for your first couple of rides.

Second thing is a wide open space to learn to ride.I would recommend a flat parking lot or a big grassy field, basically just go to be somewhere that there's not a lot of distractions, and you can just learn safely.

Third, I'd recommend having a friend, it is very helpful on your first couple rides to have someone you can lean on a hand to grab, and if you don't, just make sure you have a wall or something you can stabilize yourself with when you're just getting on the board.


How to power on the board for the first time?

Place the board on the ground and press the button. Turning on your MAGWheel is the same for all the 4 models. The tail has battery inside and will always fall down. Place the board on ground and press the button, the LED lights flash three times and hearing 3 ‘beep’.

Both sides have sensors inside. A proper dismount occurs when you disengage one side of the pressure sensitive pad. You do so by kicking your knee forward lifting your heel and breaking that connection,but you can only achieve this going at a slow speed. Another way, you should also learn how to jump off with two feet, this is the most safe and easy way to dismount, it might seem odd but it's really easy, if you've got this down, you're ready for anything, so make sure to practice it.

Now you're ready for your first ride, you got your helmet on, your boards powered on, proper footwear, let's get started.

Put the board on ground, put your back foot on first, grab on and then you're gonna feel the board turn on. so now you're ready for your first ride let's go.

Keeping your eyes forward, not accelerating or pushing down too hard or too fast. Just take it slow at the beginning and realize that falling and all this is part of the learning experience and not to get discouraged.

These are some base level tips on how to get started on your MAGWheel, read the instruction manual, make sure your board is charged, wear a helmet, and find a good place to learn, and i wish you the best of luck in your one wheel journey.

Post time: Jul-06-2021