MAGWheel the Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard

The core of one wheel MAGWheel T3 is this powerful hub motor, that's actually in the tire itself and that's about a 1500 watt motor about 500 watts continuous. It's a new type of motor technology that really can create a lot of torque in a small package, then under one foot we've got the lithium batteries that make it go, and under the other foot is the control electronics those have the gyro and accelerometer sensors that look at how you're leaning the board and also the motor controller that actually sends the power from the battery to the motor.

At one side we have the main power switch and then the charging plug at the other side where you plug it into the wall to charge it up.
The tire is like a Formula One tire that's been shrunken down so it's actually a really high-tech and durable tire and it's actually perfect for what we're doing. this tire is good for several thousand miles.


Post time: Nov-05-2021