MAGWheel T3: Not only for commuting, but also an exploration tool

Since the launch of the MAGWheel land surfing skateboard project in 2016, Trotter has not changed this product or made any updated design for so many years. The most important thing is to improve the product itself, such as motor power and battery capacity, and T3 is the latest version after improvement.

On the Trotter one wheel official website, MAGWheel T3 has four colors: red, black, blue and orange. It's weight is about 3kg more than T1 and T2. It takes about 120 minutes to be fully charged and the range is based on the weight and road conditions of each rider. The official data is about 35km. The motor adopts 1500W super power, and the actual limit speed can reach 30-35km / h. T3 uses 12 inch non slip tires, which can easily cross different terrain. Compared with T1 and T2, the tire size of T3 is slightly larger and can brush the street more smoothly.


Many people are worried about whether it will be difficult to ride MAGWheel without single board or skateboarding experience. Everyone can see that it has only one wheel. How does it keep balance? Maybe you've seen a lot of cool videos of MAGWheel on YouTube before, such as craving or galloping in different terrain. Based on the powerful self balancing system of MAGWheel, whether you are freshman or a skateboarder, you can quickly maintain balance standing on it. We have also found many passers-by to try, and they can all successfully stand up soon.

In addition to commuting, I prefer it to be an exploration tool. I often ride it around. I don't worry about the steps or any terrain, grassland, mud, beach, ponding and so on. I can still slide over.

If you haven't tried MAGWheel, I strongly suggest you buy one and try it. You'll love it. I promise you will call your friends to ride with you


Post time: Aug-26-2021