MAGWheel is the board for you!

Inspired by snowboarders, skateboarders, surfers and all other extreme boardsports, the MAGWheel uses state-of-the-art Magnetic And Gyroscopic technology to give you an unbelievably fun and well-balanced ride: along city streets, up urban sidewalks, or on off-road terrain-all on just one wheel!

The large 11 inch tire, available in slick or treaded, gives great balance, high clearance and smooth-riding, on or off-road.

The MAGWheel offers a fun, smooth-riding feel, and the ability to upgrade your own board, or have it done for you at a shop! If you want a great way to travel - on or off road - but don't want to drain your bank account, the MAGWheel  is the board for you!

MAGWheel gives riders the sensation of floating while in motion and lets you carve effortlessly into corners. The feel of snowboarding all year long, on one wheel! One of the only real competitors in the One-Wheeled electric skateboard world, the MAGWheel performs similar to more expensive brands and versions, with BETTER range!

Post time: Mar-11-2022