MAGWheel is self-balancing electric skateboard, is a pretty cool machine

This is MAGwheel the one for a self-balancing electric skateboard, it gives you the feeling of surfing or snowboarding on powder as you cruise to a city.
This is a pretty cool machine. It'll go up to about 13-16 miles an hour top speed with a range of 13 to 16 miles

I think originally we thought of this as a recreation product, why do you surf you don't serve to go somewhere you serve because it's awesome right? But some of the users have shown us that they are really interested in using it for commuting.

We got batteries under one foot and the control electronics under the other, the control electronics have motion sensors as you find at the iPhone gyro accelerometer, and those are running a control loop that's actually telling the motor how to run to keep you balanced.

When you lean to your front foot it should accelerate, you lean back to slow down. So you can just like stand on this and it'll balance as long as you're not moving in one way, exactly you just stand on it. Whichever way I'm leaning it's going to drive me that way.


Post time: Nov-05-2021