MAGWheel, a new mode of urban electric micromobility

The urban electric micromobility portfolio includes many different modes of travel.Some roll on two wheels, some have an extra wheel for stability, and there are miniatures.Then there's the one wheel skateboard.

Introduced at2015, the MAGWheel is an electric skateboard that rocks a giant wheel on the middle deck instead of four smaller wheels below.A rider steps up, with one foot on either side of the wheel, leans forward and leaves without remote, and turns are handled similarly to a normal skateboard.

Since then, a number of different models have been released, including an extended-range roller and a less expensive version.There's now a off road series called the T3, as well as an extra range version T1LH.

People love MAGWheel especially T3 for a variety of reasons.The chunky tire profile has been tweaked to improve sculpting potential, and there is now a treaded tire option for off-road adventures. It features a new higher power control system, meaning the new version is capable of producing more power and torque at all speeds, which should result in more dynamic performance. The T3 is with a 1500-watt in-wheel motor that can reach a top speed of 35 km/h and increase its range to 35KM per charge

Post time: Jun-30-2022