Incorporate electric one wheel skateboard into life

I've been using magwheel for more than a year. Today I want to introduce what can electric skateboards do, and how to use electric skateboards to commute more reasonably for those people who haven't bought it or just bought it. Due to the special design of the electric skateboard, your feet will feel numb and the shins will feel uncomfortable after driving for a long time. So the most reasonable commuting method for electric skateboards is to use it to bridge the distance between public transport and destinations, that is, the last mile. But how? Many friends will ask me such questions. So let me show you how to take public transport with electric skateboards and introduce the convenience that electric skateboards bring to our life. Today, I choose the Magwheel T1, which weighs about 13 kg, as the prop of this video.

First of all, when you get on the bus with your skateboard, because the size of the skateboard is large, don't block the door and go straight in. Clamping the skateboard between your legs to save space. It is the standard sitting posture of taking the bus with a skateboard. When there is no empty seat, supporting the skateboard vertically will also save a lot of space. The electric skateboard cannot be placed horizontally, which will trip the passengers .


I usually go to the supermarket less than one kilometer away from home for shopping. This is the best embodiment of the value of electric skateboard. It is short-distance and convenient to carry.After arriving at the supermarket, just put the electric skateboard in the shopping cart.

The electric skateboard can also be used to pick up express, which must have been tried by everyone. As long as the imagination is rich enough and the brain hole is big enough, no matter how big the package is, it can be easily handled.

This is only part of the function of the electric skateboard. The electric skateboard has been integrated into my life. It makes me feel a lot of convenience and makes me cooler and more fashionable.


Post time: Aug-19-2021