How to ride MAGWheel

1, Wear a helmet and other protective gear

2, Press the ON/OFF button

3, Get on the board

Step onto the lower side first.

Then place your other foot onto the rider-direction area.

Look where you want to go, dont look down

Keep your legs straight, like youre standing on the ground.

4, Lean to go

Lean forward to move forward

Lean back to slow down or to move backwards

The more you lean, the faster you'll go

5, Turning

Use the pressure of heel or toe for turning right or left. Youll turn in the direction you lean.

The more you lean, the sharper you turn.

6, Get off the board

Slow down to a standstill by leaning back.

Lift your heel while maintaining balance

Or jump off with both feet



Post time: Dec-31-2021