How to ride a MAGWheel – for beginners

1, Protective Gear

Any kinds of skateboarding is an inherently dangerous sport to some extent, and  proper safety gear is really important. A helmet and wrist guards are the most basic protection, and if possible, knee pads. With the proper precautions, most catastrophic injuries can be lessened or avoided.


2, Find your front foot

Since the operate is same in either direction, you can try to move forward or backward and try to feel which way is the most stable. When you stand on the MAGWheel first time, you may feel unstable and awkward, what you’re looking for is a direction that feels the least awkward and unstable.


3, Keep the right posture

Stand on a MAGWheel is a bit easier than skateboard, that’s because there are two sensors on both sides of the board, they’ll help you to keep balance. The best posture to start is keeping your feet in the middle of the foot pad, then you can adjust to your preference.


4, How To Get On the MAGWheel


Getting on the board is very easy. Now, press the ON/OFF button, and put one foot on lower side of the board. Take a deep breath and put the other foot on the other side. Keep your feet in center of the board, stand straight up, don’t lean. Push down with your forward foot, the board is going forward.


Don’t worry about falling, with the speed of learning, it isn’t likely to hurt you at all if you’re wearing safety gear.


If you have never played a MAGWheel before, I would suggest you to find some help. A person who can hold your arm or a wall or handrail. It’s not hard to learn without something to hold on, but with some help makes you learning more faster. If you’re alone, It’s better to find some smooth road or grass. The smooth road is easier to ride over, grass makes fall minor injury.


5, How to get off the MAGWheel


How to get off the MAGWheel? This is where many people panic. Jump off with both feet is the simplest method for beginners. Just bend your knee a little bit and jump off. Jump forward or backward is up to you. You can try and test which is easier for you. But make sure to do it with both feet. When you lose balance, jump off; forget to how to stop, jump off; Trying other movement, but not work, jump off.


When you play it for some time and much familiar with the board, you may find other get off method which is better for you.

6, Accelerate, slow down, turn

Moving is very easy, just lean in the direction you want to go, leaning forward makes you move forward, leaning back will slow down. You lean more, you moving faster. Accelerating too hard may result in falling down, to avoid this, just keep your movement fairly mellow and slow.


The lean direction makes the board turns. As a beginner, the simplest method of turning is moving your ankle to put pressure on your heels or toes. Of course, if you can control your body, and shift your weight toeside and heelside with your hips, this will makes a more stable turning than simple moving your ankle to put pressure on your toes or heels.


Finally, This is just some basic skills for beginners. Different kinds of roads, sidewalks, grass, slop, etc. will give you different riding feels and need different skills, that are only dealt with by experience and practice. If you want to buy a cup of coffee, practice; If you want to go to park, practice. Make every ride into practice, you’ll find the best way your body adjusts when rolling over different things.


Post time: Jun-01-2021