Getting from A to B has actually never been cooler

MAGWheel is a special mix of a hoverboard and also e-skateboard, The MAGWheel looks like a skateboard cyclops yet rides like a snowboard! Getting from A to B has actually never been cooler. With only one wheel, this crossbreed e-skateboard/EUC includes tight turns and amazing maneuverability. The big air tire offers you a smooth flight as well as simply the right amount of hold you require to sculpt and shred the streets in fashion.

There are no two ways about it: this thing is outright trouble to whip around the community. A MAGWheel will quickly develop into your favored ridable device. In regards to feeling, the one wheel is a near-perfect crossbreed of snowboarding as well as longboarding with just a pinch of jet-ski tossed into the mix (because you need throttle to turn). Traveling via one wheel absolutely infuses a high dosage of enjoyable right into my early morning and also night commutes. But it's likewise rather useful in numerous situations! Basically, this thing is pure fun! Takes a bit to master, once you do, you won't intend to stop!


Post time: Oct-19-2021