Best Electric One Wheel Hoverboard to Tear Up Terrain

There are a lot of great electrically charged ride options out there these days. One wheel skateboard are a unique and fun mode of transportation. Pedelec bikes and electric mountain bikes can get you where you’re going fast and efficiently too. But electric one wheel scooter might just be the most fun of all.

There’s no doubt that the Onewheel GT is currently the most famous. It can hit speeds of over 18 mph, which is more than enough for most thrill-seekers out there.

For the price it’s listed at, the MAGWheel Electric one wheel is certainly worth consideration. Its 1500W motor can hit speeds up to around 21 mph and tackle angles of up to 30 degrees. The motorized unicycle can cover distances of up to 20 miles between charges. And recharging takes a mere 2 hours which is pretty fast compared to other options.

Tire width is 12 inches, so you’ll feel pretty sturdy riding MAGWheel electric unicycle. It’s IP65 water-resistant so puddles and light amounts of liquid shouldn’t cause any problems. And there are front and rear LED lights to ensure safety during darker riding sessions.

A question every potential rider will want to be answered is are electric unicycles dangerous? And to be honest, all forms of these self-balancing vehicles can be dangerous depending on your skill level.

Whether it's one wheel skateboard or hover shoes, yours new obsession is going to have a learning curve to it. The trick to having a great experience is to take your time and start off slow.

Post time: May-25-2022