5 ways to elevate your Trotter one wheel riding experience

Here I’ll introduce 5 ways to elevate your Trotter one wheel riding experience.


Number One,  helmet

You know the old adage is safety first so let's start off with safety gear. When you ride a one wheel scooter, the most important accessory is a helmet. While a fender is important to keep your shoes and legs clean, the side handles make it easier to carry your Trotter one wheel, a good helmet can protect you from irreversible and destructive injury. Because of the nature of the sport of Trotter one wheel, falling is inevitable.That's why we must wear helmets to minimize the risk of irreparable injury. Your brain is very important. It is not worth risking your brain so that you can look cool when riding. There are many different helmet styles to choose from, each with their own selection of colors and designs. Firstly, make sure the helmet has all the safety features, then you can choose a fashion and comfortable style that makes you look different.


Number Two, wrist guards

Falling down even at low speed has the possibility of a wrist injury. You don't want to know how painful a wrist fracture is. It’s great if you have wearied your helmet, now we do suggest you wear some wrist guards, it will protect your wrist during hard impacts. When you riding your Trotter one wheel in cold weather, the full finger wrist guard is the best choice. The Half Finger Wrist Guard Glove is another popular choice when you ride in hot days or full fingers gloves get a bit sweaty.


Number Three, shoes

The shoes will be the interface between the rider and the board, applying the pressure to activating the sensor and making the board move. For this, it’s recommended to use a shoe with a flat sole. Any shoe with a raised heel or a gap between the heel and toes is going to make for uneven pressure distribution and risking fall from the board. When looking for shoes it’s a good idea to start in the skateboard shoes, these kinds of shoes are the best way to go and are often built with high quality and durable material. High tops shoes are great for a beginner, they will give added ankle support. If you fall or slip and hit the wheel, a high top shoes is the added protection. Ride with low top shoes will free up your ankle movements for more technical riding. And they are easy to put on. High top or low top is personal choice when you are riding your Trotter one wheel.


Number Four, fender

Fender is helpful to reduce injuries to your MAGWheel, and protect your shoes from mud. The fender structure protects the wheel against impacts, and it can be hand installed at home.

When your MAGWheel passes through puddles, mud, gravel, and snow, it may be get pounded down into your tire. Although these can be cleaned, the fender can enhance protection, prolong the one wheel's life and prevent moisture from penetrating the motor.

When you riding MAGWheel in shorts, small sharp pebbles on the road may splash and hurt your legs or feet. If the fender is installed, you can ride safely without injury.

If you ride the one wheel skateboard in your new socks or shoes, you certainly don't want the splashed soil to dirty them. With this fender, your MAGWheel and shoes will never get dirty again.

Everyone has their own style. You can use some decorative color strips to DIY some patterns on the fender to make your one wheel skateboard more different from others.


Number Five, Handle

Trotter one wheel is around 30 pound weight, it’s heavy. If you have ever had to carry your Trotter any distance then you know how difficult it can be. That is why the trotter one wheel comes stand with a handle. Adding a handle to your ride won’t eliminate a possible walk but it will make it a whole lot easier.

Post time: Aug-11-2021